Greetings. This is the website of renowned comedian and DJ Andrew McClelland.

Current Goings On….


is now on sale as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival right here.


And if you’d care for pictures, videos, gags and more up to date gig info, there’s the other things of Andrew’s;

Facebook for comedy.

Facebook for Mr McClelland’s Finishing School.

Instagram for many lols.

Twitter for fine gags and info.

That’s surely sufficient japery for anyone for the time being.

About Andrew

Andrew has fingers in many pies, including but not limited to;

Being Head DJ at famous club night Mr. McClelland’s Finishing School.

Comedying all over the world in shows such as Andrew McClelland’s Somewhat Accurate History of Pirates (1550-2017), Truth be Told and Mix Tape.

Winning comedy awards such as the Piece of Wood (Melbourne International Comedy Festival Comedian’s Choice Award) & the Sydney comedy Festival Jury Prize.

DJing various weddings and festival opening and closing night parties in Australia, the UK and South East Asia for the pleasure and delight of the masses.

Being on televisions in programs such as The Circle, Spicks and Specks, Good Game, the Chaser’s War on Everything and Slide Show.

Providing all character voices for award winning cartoon The Dukes of Broxtonia.

and from his general swanning about town.

If so and you’re interested in Andrew’s comedic endeavors you could follow him on Twitter:  twitter.com/Andy_McClelland  or join his Facebook group.

No pressure though.