Andrew has been performing hour long shows around Australia and overseas since 2003.

He’s not touring  a show right at this very moment but his past shows include:

Andrew McClelland’s Somewhat Accurate History of Pirates

Andrew McClelland’s Mix Tape

The Somewhat Secret Secret Secret Society Show (with Lawrence Leung)

Truth Be Told

Andrew McClelland’s guide to being a Modern Gentleman.

Tie Her to the Tracks (with Sammy J, Celia Pacquola, Asher Trleaven and Adam Mckenzie.)

Andrew McClelland’s History of the Fall of the Roman Empire

The Paradoxical Adventures Of Lawrence Leung And Andrew McClelland – Time Ninjas

Andrew McClelland’s One Man Stand

Andrew McClelland’s  Hang the DJ

Here are some nice things the press have said about him:

“A masterful showman in control of his material.” The Sunday Age

“Always a highlight of the festival.”

“Not only is it a funny and an especially entertaining show, its double-billing as a club night makes for one uniquely fun evening.” Beat Magazine

instantly classic stand-up routines”